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Corus Team Makes Waves at First AAO Conference

Corus Orthodontists Team

Corus Ortho Team Miami

Starting a new DSO/OSO is an immense undertaking, and starting one during a global pandemic adds challenging layers to that, with one of the main pain points being the lack of human connection. Our team and grown tremendously and now spans widely across North America, resulting in only a fraction of our members being able to meet in-person. While we’ve built a strong community and connection virtually, it was time to meet face to face.

Therefore, Corus CEO and Founder Dr. Paul Helpard jumped at the opportunity to bridge that gap and bring a large portion of our doctor and home office network together during the 2022 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Session.

The Corus team showed up strong with over 45 doctor-partners and 35 home office team members attending. The energy, comradery, and pure joy were tangible over the course of the 6-day adventure. We welcomed our team to Miami, Florida two days prior to the AAO Session with a poolside reception, where we exchanged hugs, stories, and playful feedback about the in-person experience vs. the Zoom view we’ve grown so accustomed to.


Paul Helpard, Corus CEO and Team


Next, we rolled into our “Corus Day.” We started the morning with a welcome speech from Paul (dancing included), followed by breakout sessions which covered best practices from various departments. Doctor-partners and home office team members exchanged ideas, learned about new happenings at Corus and, most importantly, strengthened their relationships as well as our company culture.



We then tossed our business gear aside, threw on our Corus swag, and headed to Nikki Beach! The team enjoyed sand and sun together and posed for our largest group photo yet The day didn’t stop there. The Corus team broke into small groups for a Miami dine-around. We had intimate dinners at various locations throughout South Beach, each dinner hosted by one of our dynamic leaders.  


Dr. Anil Idiculla AAO 22

Then it was on to learning and growing via the AAO Session. The conference kicked off with an emotional, heartfelt, and moving speech from our very own doctor-partner and Director of Doctor Partnerships, Dr. Anil Idiculla. Introduced with pride by Paul, Anil took the stage and shared with our team, and the entire AAO roster of attendees, the importance of living the life you want with a full and open heart. There was not a dry eye in the house. We are so fortunate to have Anil on our team and we’re so proud of his newly appointed position as a member of the AAO Board of Trustees.  

The four-day conference continued. We explored the exhibit floor, met some of our amazing vendors in-person, attended lectures, and found pockets of time for lunches and dinners together as a team for the remainder of the weekend.  

The Corus AAO experience allowed us to come together and celebrate our shared vision of community. While our organization is still new, we’ve never felt stronger as a team. We have an unshakable foundation of care, respect and love for each other, and we understand that if we want to go further than we ever thought possible, we have to go together.  


A picture says a thousand words, but a video really captures the experience! Tune in below for a sneak peek into the Corus AAO 2022 submersion.


Post by: June 9, 2022 | Corus Culture

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