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We've Got Your Back

You didn’t go to school for 10+ years to run a business; your dream was to improve the lives of your patients and practice orthodontics. It’s hard to improve lives when you’re buried in paperwork. The support system at Corus allows you to fulfill your purpose without all of the daily administrative stresses.

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Centralized Support

Access to centralized supports in HR, Marketing, Operations, IT, Accounting, and Training

You'll receive expert support in HR, Marketing, Operations, IT, Accounting and Training. From recruiting and payroll, to digital marketing and budget planning, you’ll never have to tackle these burdensome business operations alone.

You will gain access to an internal team of professionals from all backgrounds to ensure your practice is running efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on patient care.

Corus Community

Community - share best practices and learn from others

Our network is comprised of some of the best practitioners, team members and educators in the orthodontic specialty today. Corus was built on the premise of coming together as a group to ensure every individual feels included and appreciated.

Via internal CE courses, doctor-led subcommittees, marketing forums, community event support and more - you’ll have a plethora of connection points with everyone in our organization. Camaraderie is at our core.

Doctor Mentorship 

Mentorship for new doctors

Being a new orthodontist is exciting, but it can also be intimidating and isolating. As a new or younger doctor, we’ll pair you with seasoned mentors to empower, train and guide you.

Our goal isn’t simply to execute, but to innovate orthodontic best practices — and we know we’ll only get there through the continuous professional development and advancement of doctors’ skills.

Enterprise Power

Access to preferred vendor programs and pricing

Operating as a single practice often results in higher prices for equipment, services, tools and memberships.

When you join Corus, you’ll gain access to our preferred vendor programs and pricing—reaping the benefits of a large-scale business, without sacrificing the autonomy of your brand and process.

Operations Consulting 

Operations strategy, coaching, and performance reporting

As one of our partners, when you succeed, we all succeed. We provide operational strategy, coaching and performance reporting to help you achieve your practice revenue and growth goals.

We will never tell you how to run your practice, but we will be a strategic partner in identifying opportunity gaps and helping you create a roadmap for success.

Transition Planning

Thoughtful succession and transition planning

Your practice is your legacy. As an organization founded and led by doctors, we understand the importance of the reputation and community you’ve built. The last thing you want to do is hand over your years of labor, sweat and tears to a corporate cookie-cutter model that puts profits over patients.

Our team offers thoughtful transition planning so you can retire with pride knowing your values will carry on with a like-minded successor.

Health Benefits

Access to comprehensive benefits program for team members and families

From dental assistants to practice managers, your team members are an extension of your family. And like any great family leader, you want to take care of your own. However, healthcare benefits can be both expensive and confusing.

As part of our network, you, your team members, and their families, all have access to comprehensive benefits packages—all while the Corus home office team handles the implementation for you.

Doctor-Led Strategy

Active participation in strategic planning for Corus through doctor subcommittees

Our DSO model is different: We don’t acquire your practice—we partner with you. And like any successful partnership, there are checks and balances.

We value your experience, input, perspective, and we encourage you to share them all via our doctor subcommittees. Our doctors are active participants in strategic planning and act as key decision-makers for the entire organization.

Equity Growth

Participation in Corus growth and value creation

Rather than selling your practice for a one-time rate, we provide you with the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the growth and increasing value of Corus.

Our partner shareholders invest in each other and share in each other’s success. The reason we’re so successful? Money isn’t our key motivator. We are driven by exceptional patient care, which ultimately results in a wide array of wealth.

What You Can Expect:

Our partners unlock benefits for themselves, their team members, and their communities.

Advantages you can count on:

  • Continued ownership of your patient records and relationships
  • Continued use of equipment and supplies that work best for you
  • Continued day-to-day decisions of running your business and providing exceptional patient care
  • Maintenance of your local brand, community supports, and programming
  • Continued leadership of your team, making practice staffing decisions with support as needed
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What Our Partners are Saying

Francine L
Dr. Francine Lo

Dr. Francine Lo,
Lo Elliott Orthodontics,
Prince George, BC

"Our ‘why’ for joining Corus is centered around taking great care of people and going the extra mile for them.

We have the privilege of working with wonderful people day in and out and have the ability to make their day special through kindness, compassion and understanding. We are successful because of this focus on people."

Mike G
Dr. Michael Goldstein

Dr. Michael Goldstein,
Tru North Orthodontics,
Woodbridge, ON

“I’m always pushing myself and my team for constant improvement, and Corus made a ton of sense to help me take my practice to new heights.

We are learning from others while also sharing our best practices – and all of us are winning as a result! I am thrilled to belong to this network of best-in-class partners.”

Jen C
Dr. Jen Crowe

Dr. Jen Crowe,
Portland Orthodontic Group,
Portland, OR

“Professional growth is very important to me. I want to stay ahead of the game, always be learning and trying new things so that I’m always at the cutting edge of patient care.

I want to share my knowledge and learn from others, and the Corus network is the perfect way to do this. We can share in each other’s successes and truly be in it together. I couldn’t have imagined a better partnership.”

Lesley W
Dr. Lesley Williams

Dr. Lesley Williams,
South Surrey Smiles,
South Surrey, BC

“Corus made so much sense to me. I knew that many doctors and practices would benefit from the business expertise and HR/Operational supports provided by Corus.

The Corus management team has clearly helped make our practices more successful. So far, the Corus team has more than exceeded my expectations. They’ve been such a tremendous help through COVID, and I am grateful for the support Corus has provided to me and my team! It’s truly been rewarding for me on so many fronts.”

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