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Join the Best of the Best in Orthodontics

From our CEO to the majority of our board, practicing orthodontists are involved in every aspect of Corus’ business. This means you’re not just joining a network; you’re helping to shape a network and the orthodontic specialty as a whole.

The Company you’ll keep.

The Company You'll Keep

Our growing team of partners love being in business with one another. The camaraderie experienced within our DSO is unlike anything we’ve seen or heard of elsewhere.

We take a rigorous approach to finding the right partners for our partnership model. We look for orthodontists who share our values and want to continue to shape a bright future for our specialty.

The Corus model has been carefully designed by like-minded orthodontists with shared values to ensure quality patient care, preserve the integrity of the patient-doctor relationship, support the evolution and progression of orthodontics in a conscientious manner and create a positive and supportive environment for our orthodontic team members and doctors.

We care deeply about supporting our team members and the exceptional work they do. We work to create a positive, rewarding and fulfilling environment for all our team members and doctors.

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Our Practices

Our network spans across North America with over 65+ doctor-partners, and 55+ practices in 75+ locations. We're on a mission to selectively grow our dental organization with orthodontists who share our passion, dedication, and focus on patient care.

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Meet Our Partners

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to work through a challenging case with the brainpower of over 65 doctors behind you? As a Corus partner, you no longer have to “go at it” alone. You have the opportunity to engage with many experts within the orthodontic specialty who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Are You the Right Fit?

Like any relationship, joining an OSO/DSO is a big step. We understand the weight of this decision and take a rigorous approach to find the right partners for our network. We look for orthodontists who share our values and want to continue to shape a bright future for our specialty.


Does this sound like you?


  • I want to buy in to being part of something bigger and to share in the success omy partner practices 
  • have a growth mindset and am passionate about preserving and growing my community practice. 
  • I care deeply about putting patients first and want that to stay at the forefront of my craft. 
  • I want to actively share with and learn from my peers. 
  • I want to focus on leading my practice while being supported across HR, Marketing, Accounting, IT, Operations, and Training. 
  • want to train and nurture the next generation of orthodontic leaders.


Greg and Paula

Drs. Paola Leone & Greg Vaughn

Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics

What Our Partners are Saying

John P
Dr. John Pavlo

Dr. John Pavlo,
Pavlo Orthodontics,
Peabody & Newburyport, MA

“My brand and my name are really important. My family has been in this community for over 140 years. Our legacy is important to me.

If I’ve built something great, I want to make sure it continues on when I eventually decide to retire. I feel confident that with Corus, it will.”

Dr. Elle Lyons

Dr. Elle Lyons,
North Seattle Orthodontics,
Seattle, WA

“At this stage in my career, I was looking for a partnership that would not only provide me with security for the future, but also offer my team and myself a sense of community.

We were looking for a community to collaborate and grow with, and we found that with Corus.”

Dr. Warren Cohen

Dr. Warren Cohen,
Surrideo Orthodontics,
Calgary, AB

“I’m really excited to be able to help shape Corus by collaborating with partners and working with the leadership team.

It’s been especially rewarding to lead a doctor subcommittee, sit on the Board of Directors, and participate in monthly CE Events and doctor calls.

I feel very fortunate to work with such an outstanding group and am thrilled for what the future holds!”

Dr. Mariela Anderson

Dr. Mariela Anderson,
Stratford Orthodontics,
Stratford, ON

“My husband and I were doing the orthodontics plus HR, plus marketing, plus coaching our team and all of the other things that come with being a 'sole owner.'

The partnership with Corus allowed us to still maintain ownership of our practice, yet get help with all of the rest. I am not kidding when I say that this partnership has improved the quality of our lives!”

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