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Orthodontics: Designing Confidence, Building Careers

Jumping into a career in orthodontics is like taking off on an adventure through unfamiliar territory. The goal of transforming smiles and promoting oral health is predictable, but the journey there can be anything but.

The career paths in orthodontics are endless, whether it’s traditional clinical work, dabbling in finance, human resources, marketing, administration, or even working directly with an orthodontist and managing a practice. The ortho field also keeps you on your toes, as it evolves with new technology, new techniques, and is always adapting to patient needs.


Interested in learning more about careers in orthodontics?

We hosted our first educational webinar, Orthodontics: Designing Confidence, Building Careers, which touched on just a few of the unique parts of building a career in orthodontics. A panel of our own Corus experts spoke about their career paths, including Regional Managers, Jag Dhillon and Jamie-Lee Cooke, alongside moderator Jillian Bonk, Talent Acquisition Manager. Our speakers explored the blend of artistry and science that defines orthodontics, discussed the diverse and non-linear career journeys, what it takes to get hired (beyond just your credentials), how each position impacts the patient experience, and the opportunities to further grow your career to new, fulfilling heights! Check out the recording below:


Watch the Recording

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Valuable insights from our panelists:

Headshot of Jillian Bonk, Talent Acquisition Manager at Corus Orthodontists

“I think there’s a perception that it’s just the orthodontist and the patient at an orthodontic practice, but it’s not. It’s a whole group of team members with different skills and experiences working together to improve the patient experience and achieve their goals as a team.”
– Jillian Bonk, Talent Acquisition Manager

Headshot of Jag Dhillon, Regional Manager at Corus Orthodontists

“I’ve been lucky to have a blend of practice experience and corporate experience, especially now as I support practices daily in my current role. There’s something to learn from each practice I support, and even after 13 years, I learn something new every time I step into a new practice environment.”
– Jag Dhillon, Regional Manager

Headshot of Jamie-Lee Cooke, Regional Manager at Corus Orthodontists

“It’s a comfort to know there’s somebody in the room smarter than you [at Corus], but you’re still seen for what you uniquely bring. It’s all about patients, putting people first, and never-ending opportunities to learn and develop your skills; maybe you’ll even uncover some new ones you never knew you had.”
– Jamie-Lee Cooke, Regional Manager


Our panelists responded to many questions during the Q&A with attendees, including providing advice on breaking into the orthodontic field, offering insights into the daily work lives of team members, and exploring opportunities for career advancement within Corus’s network of practices across Canada and the U.S.

At Corus, we’re committed to fostering a culture of learning, growth, and inclusivity within the orthodontic community. Through initiatives like this webinar, we aim to empower individuals to create their own paths, pursue their passions, and ultimately, design a future at work filled with confidence and fulfillment.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner, an aspiring dental assistant or orthodontist, or you just want to learn more about working in orthodontics, this webinar is for you!


Interested in a career in orthodontics at Corus?
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