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Associate Doctor & Path-to-Partnership Opportunities

We are on a mission to preserve and evolve the specialty of orthodontics and are looking for the next generation of doctor-partners to join our exceptional community to help shape the Corus of tomorrow.

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Our Partner Development Program is paving the way for new orthodontists.

Our unique partnership model is built around the core belief that we are truly better together. When you join Corus as an Associate Doctor, you’re joining a network where you will be supported and mentored by partners who are genuinely interested in the quality and long-term success of Corus.

We offer a flexible Partner Development Program for Associate Doctors, designed to accelerate your clinical skills, and help you transition from resident to associate doctor to future Corus doctor-partner.

As our network grows across North America, our model provides exciting opportunities for graduating orthodontists to be part of the Corus success story.

Our program offers many benefits, including:

  • Accelerated clinical skill development
  • Mentorship from a Corus doctor-partner
  • Leadership coaching
  • Potential partnership opportunities
  • Community and support
  • Clinical autonomy
  • Work-life balance
  • Competitive compensation
  • Access to best-in-class benefits

Start Your Pathway to Partnership

Our Partnership Development Program isn’t just for recent or new grads. Some doctors have years of experience under their belt, but are still looking for the right fit when it comes to planting roots.

Dr. Lenore Louie of Westview Orthodontics in North Vancouver, BC has been practicing for over 15 years. She finally found the mentorship and partnership she was looking for in Corus.

Find Work Life Balance

At Corus, we’re empowering orthodontists at all career stages, including new graduates, to maximize their personal and professional potential by working with, learning from, and eventually investing in some of the best and brightest orthodontic practices. Our Partner Development Program offers a unique path-to-partnership with the end goal of becoming a shareholder and doctor-partner within our network. 

Dr. Melanie Hammerbeck of Engage Orthodontics in Green Bay, WI, shares how she found work-life balance with Corus early in her career, and what her bright future holds as part of our team.

Why Choose Corus

I was drawn to Corus' mission and loved that there was an opportunity for any doctor to join,

no matter what career stage the doctor was in – especially for new graduates. There is a pathway that exists for young orthodontists to become a partner and to own equity in a growing company.

I was an associate in one of Corus’ founding offices and witnessed firsthand the amount of care that went into its inception. I joined Corus as a partner because our values aligned, and I believe in the mission to protect our profession. The mentorship and relationships I have with my partners is something I have not been able to find outside of our network. These doctors are exceptionally talented clinicians!”

Dr. Isaac Chung, Doctor-Partner

i-Orthodontics, Denver, CO


A Day In The Life:
Associate Doctor Mentorship

The Partner Development Program at Corus supports the unique needs of associate doctors joining the network. Since our practices and our partners are all different, this program has been developed to customize clinical learning based on the areas of focus you are most passionate about, while combining formal mentorship and training that supports you in a new leadership position to enhance both your team members’ and patients’ experience.

Dr. Kevin Kaller of Kawartha Orthodontics in Peterborough, ON has built a thriving practice in his community. He received invaluable mentorship from the doctor who proceeded him at Kawartha, and he is now eager to pay it forward and pass on the knowledge he has obtained to another young orthodontist.

  • Receiving Doctor-partner mentorship
  • Gaining Hands-on experience
  • Improving clinical skills
  • Building community focus
  • Collaborating with team members
  • Offering stellar patient care
  • Experiencing a positive work environment
  • Advancing to partnership opportunities
  • Receiving network-wide support