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Why Us

Corus Orthodontists is North America’s newest sustainable practice network created to affect positive change within the specialty of Orthodontics

Benefits of joining the Corus network:
● Continued ownership of practice and patient relationships
● Administrative and systems infrastructure and support (HR, Finance, IT)
● Financial value
● Team training and development
● Operations strategy, treatment planning, and clinical excellence programs and resources
● New and younger doctor mentorship
● Becoming part of an active community of like-minded doctors who strive to make a positive impact on the specialty of orthodontics

Offering a new sustainable partnership model for orthodontists at all stages of their careers.

For new and younger orthodontic specialists looking to become a practice owner
We pair new orthodontists with a practice they can call their own. Corus will provide strong mentorship by experienced doctors. We will help new and younger orthodontists build skills and provide support necessary for a successful practice career and work life balance.

For mid-career specialists looking for partnership and resources to help them thrive in the evolving world of orthodontics
We keep the value of orthodontics in the hands of orthodontists. As a Corus partner, doctors will share in the value creation of the network. In addition, Corus will provide support to enhance work life balance.

For specialists considering the legacy of their practice
We offer transition planning for the retiring doctor that will ensure the continuity of their practice legacy. The competitive valuations offered by Corus and our sustainable model will give doctors peace of mind as they retire from our changing specialty.

Start the Conversation

We are looking for like-minded practice partners to join the network. If you have questions or want to learn more, we would love to hear from you.