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Financial Forecasting – Returning from Covid-19 – Part II

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Author: Nick Korhonen, CFO, Corus Orthodontists Staffing Costs With a return to normal operations, you will be looking to bring your laid off employees and remaining work team back to a full-time schedule.  Some items to keep in mind as you develop your return to work staffing plan should include: Due to the reduced patient

Supporting mental wellness on our teams

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At Corus, we have made it a universal best practice to check in with our teams routinely in unique and safe ways during our physical office closure. We have also developed integrated virtual care platforms to stay connected with our patients and communities. See our previous blog post for details: Even with all of

Keeping your Patients and Practice Connected

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April 21, 2020 Tracey Hendler for Corus Orthodontists As social isolation and working from home practices continue, we have shifted our workforce from an in-office model to one that is entirely remote. While this sudden and unexpected change has been jarring, we are grateful for the amazing technological tools at our disposal to help manage

Corus Self-Care Team Challenge

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Author: Shaun Childs, Director of People & Culture, Corus Orthodontists 21 Days of Team Building. Whether your team is furloughed/on temporary leave or working remotely, it is important to stay connected and continue to build relationships within your teams. Setting a schedule for team building will help to ensure this happens regularly. At Corus, we