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Corus Culture

11 Ways Leaders Can Encourage Mental Wellness

By |2021-09-14T16:01:30+00:00August 25th, 2021|All Posts, Corus Culture|

Orthodontic teams have experienced a heightened sense of anxiety in the last year and a half. As we enter a new stage forward, leaders must make mental wellness a priority like never before. Fortunately, we now have more collective awareness and improved dialogue about what individuals may be facing, and can work through these challenges

The Corus Network: Partnership can grow your orthodontist practice

By |2021-06-17T18:26:07+00:00June 17th, 2021|All Posts, Corus Culture|

By: Adam Pollack, Director of Orthodontic Partnerships By partnering with Corus, you can grow your orthodontist practice, improve efficiency and increase revenue — with a doctor-led organization that has your values in mind. It all starts with the “Corus Network” of supportive leaders, team members and partner orthodontists. There is no shortage of emphasis in

Looking Forward: Better Together in 2021

By |2021-02-09T20:05:39+00:00February 4th, 2021|All Posts, Corus Culture|

Author: Dr. Paul Helpard, CEO, Corus Orthodontists Over the past year, we’ve lived through a moment in history that will change the course of our future. No industry has been untouched. Some, like healthcare, will continue to experience paradigm shifts never imagined in our lifetime. Scott Galloway, in Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity, describes

Happy Birthday Corus! Celebrating with Thanks and Gratitude

By |2021-03-18T13:34:42+00:00October 8th, 2020|All Posts, Corus Culture|

Author: Dr. Paul Helpard, CEO When Corus Orthodontists, a North American orthodontic partnership network, was launched one year ago today, I never imagined the journey in front of us. What a year it has been! Despite the obstacles we’ve overcome, I’ve seen tremendous growth – not just in our network, but in our teams and

The Culture of Corus Orthodontists

By |2021-02-09T19:52:00+00:00August 21st, 2020|All Posts, Corus Culture, Why Corus|

Author: Shaun Childs, Director, People & Culture  How would you describe the culture at Corus?  This is a question that we are often asked in interviews and in discussions with prospective practice partners. Corus is a new organization, albeit an organization made up of various well-established practices across North America.  We are all building a

Opportunity within Crisis – Wellness of your Practice, Team, and Self

By |2021-02-09T19:57:26+00:00April 14th, 2020|All Posts, Best Practices, Corus Culture|

Author: Jordan de Burgh Whyte, Corus Teammate The COVID-19 Crisis has been a challenging time for everyone to navigate. Corus started this year excited about new beginnings and the opportunities that 2020 would bring. Despite these challenges, we’re continuing to use this time as an opportunity to reflect and develop all areas of our business,

Corus Self-Care Team Challenge

By |2021-02-09T19:57:47+00:00April 14th, 2020|All Posts, Corus Culture|

Author: Shaun Childs, Director of People & Culture, Corus Orthodontists 21 Days of Team Building. Whether your team is furloughed/on temporary leave or working remotely, it is important to stay connected and continue to build relationships within your teams. Setting a schedule for team building will help to ensure this happens regularly. At Corus, we